They should be booked at LEAST 3-4 months in advance.

My style is very simple. I like to have the focus be on that sweet little baby. So if you like a lot of props, I may not be the photographer for you.

I set the room to a toasty 85 degrees so that the baby is super comfy in his or her birthday suit. I shoot the newborns within the first 2 weeks of life, with week one being ideal! This is because the babies are in a natural sleep slumber and are much easier to move without waking.

I provide all blankets, baskets and wraps, but if there is something that is important to you that you'd like me to incorporate in some of the photos, you are more then welcome to bring it. 

Newborn sessions last approx 2-3.5 hours, so be sure to pack whatever you'll need for that time (bottles/diapers/etc)

I LOVE taking photos of the parents with the newest member, but this is your call...

If there are any siblings, we will shoot them with the baby first, and then I would recommend having them be picked up, this way you can relax while I shoot baby. (this is not needed, just recommended!) Sessions are done at my studio in Wading River. 

Most importantly, all sessions are a totally casual and relaxed atmosphere! I take my time, and patience is a virtue, so mom and dad, sit back and relax in this moment :) 

Milestones! (6 month, 1st 2nd 3rd etc birthdays)

Like the newborns, my style is simple. A few balloons, a chair, a mirror, bubbles. Nothing over the top. Sweet and simple is what I love best. Light and fun! If you are doing a cake with the session, you provide the cake. I have some outfits, but parents are asked to provide the outfit(s) These sessions usually run around 45-60 minutes. If it is during the cold months, they are done at my studio. During the months of May-October, they are done outdoors on location. (Weather permitting of course!)


Be yourselves!!! What I love to capture the most, is you being you with your little ones. Running around, playing tag, tickle-fest, hugs and kisses, story time, baking cookies. Capturing day to day interactions. These sessions are done outdoors, on location, during the months of May-October. (If you are looking for a lifestyle family session, these can be done during the cold months inside!)